SWNY-NWPA Men’s Amateur Golf Event donates $18,000

The 81st annual Southwestern New York – Northwestern Pennsylvania Men’s Amateur Golf Tournament has donated $18,000 to it’s two primary beneficiaries, HomeCare & Hospice Foundation and The Rehabilitation Foundation. Each agency received $9,000 making a total of $300,000 in donations from the tournament over the past 18 years. Also this year, $750 (John R Henzel Scholarship Fund) was given to Heather Haas of Cuba to put towards her college career. Presenting the checks from left to right are Greg Gibbons (Tournament Committee Member), Nicholas O’Keefe (Development Coordinator at HomeCare & Hospice), Elena Bombardier (Director of Development at The Rehabilitation Center), and Jon Kirk (Tournament Committee Member). Next years tourneys dates are August 1st thru August 5th. For more information on the tournament go to http://www.swnynwpa.com.


Final Results of the 81st Annual SWNY-NWPA Men’s Amateur

Championship Final

Chris Blocher 1up over Nolan Ditcher


Championship Consolation Final

Dan Schott 1 up 20 holes over Mike Edwards


1st Flight Final

Brian Froebel 3 and 2 over Jamie Glatz


2nd Flight Final

Ethan Beaver 1 up 19 Holes over Doug Atteberry


3rd Flight Final

Cameron Eddy 4 and 2 over Tom Cummins


4th Flight Final

Mark Baire 3 and 2 over David Reynolds


Over 60 Consolation Flight Final

Dan Reiley  2 and 1 over Jim Brady



Saturday Results and Sunday Championship Pairings for the 81st Annual SWNY-NWPA Men’s Amateur

Championship Flight Results

Nolan Ditcher 6 and 5 over Matt Abendroth

Chris Blocher 5 and 4 over Daniel Gianinny


Championship Flight Sunday  Finals

Chris Blocher vs. Nolan Ditcher at 9:30 and 1:45


Championship Consolation Flight Results

Dan Schott 3 and 2 over Greg Gibbons

Mike Edwards 2 and 1 over Andy Frank


Championship Consolation Flight Finals

Dan Schott vs. Mike Edwards at 9:38


1st Flight Results

Jamie Glatz 5 and 3 over Josh Brooks

Brian Foebel 5 and 4 over Connor Alfieri


1st Flight Championship Final

Jamie Glatz vs Brian Froebel at 9:45


2nd Flight Results

Doug Atteberry 3 and 2 over Steve Kubiak

Ethan Beaver 1up over Jacob Goodenow


2nd Flight Championship Final

Doug Atteberry vs. Ethan Beaver at 9:52


3rd Flight Results

Tom Cummins 1 up over Ben Ames

Cameron Eddy 10 and 8 over Omar Malik


3rd Flight Championship Match Sunday

Tom Cummins vs. Cameron Eddy at 10:00 AM


4th Flight Results

Mark Baire 6 and 5 over Sean Campbell

David Reynolds 5 and 3 Matt Phillips


4th Flight Championship Match Sunday

Mark Baire vs. David Reynolds at 10:06


Over 60 Consolation Flight Results

Dan Reiley 1up over Paul Bzdak

Jim Brady 1up over Terry Turner


Over 60 Consolation Flight Finals

Jim Brady vs. Dan Reiley at 10:15 AM



Fridays Results and Saturday’s Pairings for the 81st Annual SWNY-NWPA Men’s Amateur

Championship Consolation Matches

Morning Matches

Josh Roselli 3 and1 over Alex Fisher

Dan Schott 2 and 1 over Kyle Henzel

Brandon Haas 1 up 20 holes over Dylan Glatz

Greg Gibbons 1 up 19 holes over Tim Hall Jr.

Kole Maytum 6 and 5 over Chris Drongosky

Mike Edwards 1 up 21 holes over David Horn

Andy Frank 2 and 1 over Nick Lyons

Brent Morgan 7 and 5 over Dirk Roth

Afternoon Matches

Fisher vs. Schott  – Schott 2 and 1 over Fisher

Haas vs. Gibbons  –  Gibbons 2 and 1 over Haas

Maytum vs. Edwards   – Edwards 1up 19 holes over Maytum

Frank vs. Morgan – Frank 1up over Morgan


Saturday Championship Consolation Semifinal Matches

Dan Schott vs. Greg Gibbons  – 10:06 AM

Mike Edwards vs. Andy Frank – 10:12 AM


Championship Flight

Chris Blocher 1 up over Josh Stauffer

Corey Long 2 up over Eric McHone

Zach Chaddock 1 up 20 holes over Caleb Edwards

Daniel Gianinny 6 and 5 over Jack Giese

Matt Abendroth 4 and 3 over Patrick Sheerer

Scott Brady 5 and 3 over Mike Brady

Corey Haas 3 and 2 over Mitch Faulkner

Nolan Ditcher 3 and 2 over Scott Derwick

Afternoon Matches

Blocher vs. Long – Blocher 2 and 1 over Long

Chaddock vs. Gianinny – Gianinny 1 up 19 Holes over Chaddock

Abendroth vs. Brady – Abendroth 1 up 19 Holes over Brady

Haas vs. Ditcher  – Ditcher 3 and 2 over Haas


Saturday Championship Flight  Semifinal Matches

Chris Blocher vs.   Daniel Gianinny  – 10:25 AM

Nolan Ditcher vs.   Matt Abendroth   – 10:30 AM

1st Flight Results

Josh Brooks 4 and 3 over Jeff Padlo

Jamie Glatz 1 up over Matt Myers

Brian Froebel 2 and 1 over Chris Pavlock

Connor Alfieri 2 and 1 over Trent Unverdorben


1st Flight Saturday Semifinal Matches

Josh Brooks vs Jamie Glatz – 9:55 AM

Brian Froebel vs. Connor Alfieri – 10:00 AM


2nd Flight Results

Steve Kubiak 3 and 2 over Joe Palumbo

Doug Atteberry 3 and 2 Brian Livoto

Jacob Goodenow  1up 19 holes over Jacob Chapman

Ethan Beaver Default over Sam Hyman


2nd Flight Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Steve Kubiak vs Doug Atteberry – 9:36 AM

Jacob Goodenow vs Ethan Beaver – 9:42 AM


3rd Flight Results

Tom Cummins 2 and 1 over Bryce Burton

Ben Ames 3 and 2 over RJ Pauly

Cameron Eddy  6 and 5 over  Heather Haas

Omar Malik 7 and 5 over Ryan Callhan


3rd Flight Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Tom Cummins vs Ben Ames – 9:24 AM

Cameron Eddy vs. Omar Malik – 9:30 AM


4th Flight Results

Mark Baire 6 and 5 over Roger Chapman

Sean Campbell 4 and 2 over Mike Calabro

David Reynolds 7 and 6 over Ronnie Jakubczyk

Matt Phillips 5 and 4 over Vincent Baire Sr.


4th Flight Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Mark Baire vs. Sean Campbell  – 9:12 AM

David Reynolds vs. Matt Phillips – 9:18 AM


Over 60 Consolation Results

Dan Reiley 8 and 7 over Dewey Gram

Paul Bzdak 2 and 1 over Mike Neary

Jim Brady 3 and 2 over Pete Chicola

Terry Turner 3 and 2 over John Henzel Jr.


Over 60 Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Dan Reiley vs Paul Bzdak – 9:00 AM

Jim Brady vs Terry Turner – 9:06 AM