Tee Times For Monday July 10th at Pennhills Club


The second stop on The Penn-York Tour is Monday July 10th at the Pennhills Club in Bradford. Tee times are listed below.


Division I Ages 16 to 18

8:30 J. McCollough, A. Gullo, S. Hyman, J. Goddenow

8:38 C. Robbins, J. Sidon, Lukas McClain, J. Reynolds

8:46 J. Frigo, N. Simon, Z. Israel

8:54 A. Gorse, B. Okerlund, Logen McClain

9:02 E. Johnson, B. Morrison, C. Jones

9:10 A. Wankel, E. Weaver, A. Darcy


Division III Girls Ages 12 to 13

9:18 O. Schott, M. Triplett

Division I Girls Ages 14 to 18


9:26 H. Haas, B. Brushingham, R. Page, M. Henning


Division II Boys Ages 14 to 15


9:50 M. Lonto, A. Diehl, G. Simon

9:58 Z. Zamersoki, J. Gorse, C. Alfieri

10:06 B. Burton, M. Davis, H. Fox

10:14 J. Carter, B. Bizzak, S. Cashimere

10:22 S. Campbell, K. McClain, E. Cashimere

10:30 L. Klice, R. Jakubczyk, J. Dombeck

10:38 B. Giardini, T. Callen, G. Klice

10:46 T. Gleason, A. Page, H. Helsley

10:54 L. Lasko, L. Taylor, S. Mest

11:02 A. Coleman, J. Howell, M. Hill

11:10 P. Stayer, M. Berlinski


Division III Boys Ages 12 to 13

11:18 S. Cornelius, C. Salvaggio, C. Barner

11:26 J. Pond, C. Lechner, T. Stitt

11:34 L. Petruzzi, D. Henzel, C. Lyons

11:42 J. DeRose, D. Brokaw, I. Howell

11:50 J. Owen, N. Donavon, C. LaCroix

11:58 A. Lillie, K. Dean, G. Nuzzo


Divison IV Ages 11 and Under

8:30 C. Brinsky, R. Lechner, M. Brinsky, D. Smith

8:38 T. Salvaggio, K. Padlo, A. Salvaggio, J. Morrison

8:46 A. Schott, J. Bell, D. Skaggs, C. Carls

8:54 D. Guenther, C. Boutillette, D. Boutillette

9:02 J. Mest, L. Johnson, D. Myers, J. Kahm


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