Fridays Results and Saturday’s Pairings for the 81st Annual SWNY-NWPA Men’s Amateur

Championship Consolation Matches

Morning Matches

Josh Roselli 3 and1 over Alex Fisher

Dan Schott 2 and 1 over Kyle Henzel

Brandon Haas 1 up 20 holes over Dylan Glatz

Greg Gibbons 1 up 19 holes over Tim Hall Jr.

Kole Maytum 6 and 5 over Chris Drongosky

Mike Edwards 1 up 21 holes over David Horn

Andy Frank 2 and 1 over Nick Lyons

Brent Morgan 7 and 5 over Dirk Roth

Afternoon Matches

Fisher vs. Schott  – Schott 2 and 1 over Fisher

Haas vs. Gibbons  –  Gibbons 2 and 1 over Haas

Maytum vs. Edwards   – Edwards 1up 19 holes over Maytum

Frank vs. Morgan – Frank 1up over Morgan


Saturday Championship Consolation Semifinal Matches

Dan Schott vs. Greg Gibbons  – 10:06 AM

Mike Edwards vs. Andy Frank – 10:12 AM


Championship Flight

Chris Blocher 1 up over Josh Stauffer

Corey Long 2 up over Eric McHone

Zach Chaddock 1 up 20 holes over Caleb Edwards

Daniel Gianinny 6 and 5 over Jack Giese

Matt Abendroth 4 and 3 over Patrick Sheerer

Scott Brady 5 and 3 over Mike Brady

Corey Haas 3 and 2 over Mitch Faulkner

Nolan Ditcher 3 and 2 over Scott Derwick

Afternoon Matches

Blocher vs. Long – Blocher 2 and 1 over Long

Chaddock vs. Gianinny – Gianinny 1 up 19 Holes over Chaddock

Abendroth vs. Brady – Abendroth 1 up 19 Holes over Brady

Haas vs. Ditcher  – Ditcher 3 and 2 over Haas


Saturday Championship Flight  Semifinal Matches

Chris Blocher vs.   Daniel Gianinny  – 10:25 AM

Nolan Ditcher vs.   Matt Abendroth   – 10:30 AM

1st Flight Results

Josh Brooks 4 and 3 over Jeff Padlo

Jamie Glatz 1 up over Matt Myers

Brian Froebel 2 and 1 over Chris Pavlock

Connor Alfieri 2 and 1 over Trent Unverdorben


1st Flight Saturday Semifinal Matches

Josh Brooks vs Jamie Glatz – 9:55 AM

Brian Froebel vs. Connor Alfieri – 10:00 AM


2nd Flight Results

Steve Kubiak 3 and 2 over Joe Palumbo

Doug Atteberry 3 and 2 Brian Livoto

Jacob Goodenow  1up 19 holes over Jacob Chapman

Ethan Beaver Default over Sam Hyman


2nd Flight Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Steve Kubiak vs Doug Atteberry – 9:36 AM

Jacob Goodenow vs Ethan Beaver – 9:42 AM


3rd Flight Results

Tom Cummins 2 and 1 over Bryce Burton

Ben Ames 3 and 2 over RJ Pauly

Cameron Eddy  6 and 5 over  Heather Haas

Omar Malik 7 and 5 over Ryan Callhan


3rd Flight Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Tom Cummins vs Ben Ames – 9:24 AM

Cameron Eddy vs. Omar Malik – 9:30 AM


4th Flight Results

Mark Baire 6 and 5 over Roger Chapman

Sean Campbell 4 and 2 over Mike Calabro

David Reynolds 7 and 6 over Ronnie Jakubczyk

Matt Phillips 5 and 4 over Vincent Baire Sr.


4th Flight Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Mark Baire vs. Sean Campbell  – 9:12 AM

David Reynolds vs. Matt Phillips – 9:18 AM


Over 60 Consolation Results

Dan Reiley 8 and 7 over Dewey Gram

Paul Bzdak 2 and 1 over Mike Neary

Jim Brady 3 and 2 over Pete Chicola

Terry Turner 3 and 2 over John Henzel Jr.


Over 60 Saturday Semifinal Pairings

Dan Reiley vs Paul Bzdak – 9:00 AM

Jim Brady vs Terry Turner – 9:06 AM




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