Sunday Championship Results

Championship Flight

Chris Blocher  5 and 4 over John Nick Forrest  – 36 Holes

Championship Consolation Flight

Evan Rowane 3 and 2 over Spencer Cornelius

1st Flight

Connor Alfieri  2 up 18 holes over Matthew Myers

2nd Flight

Curtis Barner  3 and 2 over Nolan Swanson

3rd Flight

Ryan Lechner   1 up over Kamdyn McClain

4th Flight

Tim Stead Jr.  1up 18 holes over RJ Pauly

5th Flight

Mark Cotton  1 up 18 Holes over Jack Morton

45 – 59 Consolation Flight

Andy Hannon  6 and 5 over Frank Higgins

60  and Over Flight

Chris Drongosky   4 and 3 over Steve Kubiak


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