SWNY-NWPA Men’s Am Golf Tournament tops $400k in donations to local foundations

SWNY-NWPA Men’s Am Golf Tournament tops $400k in donations to local foundations.

The 86th annual Southwestern New York – Northwestern Pennsylvania Men’s Amateur Golf Tournament has donated $16,000 to its two primary beneficiaries, HomeCare & Hospice Foundation and The Rehabilitation Foundation. Each agency received $8,000 this year making a total of $400,000 in donations from the tournament over the past 23 years. Presenting and receiving the checks from left to right are Leanna Cameron Franchina (Director of Organizational Advancement at Homecare Hospice), Jon Kirk (Tournament Committee Member), Larry Sorokes (Chief Development Officer at Intandem), Melissa Sullivan (Chief Executive Officer at Homecare Hospice), Knut Johnsen III (Tournament Committee Member), and Sue Nelson (Chief Financial Officer at Homecare Hospice).  Next year’s tourney dates are August 2nd thru August 6th.



86th Annual Winners

L to R
Tyler Buchholz, 5th Flight(Smethport), Carson Swanson, 4th Flight(Pinehurst), Darien Swanson (Pinehurst), Max Almonacid, 1st Flight, (PFW), Spencer Cornelius (Pennhills), Championship Flight & Junior Medalist, Kamdyn McClain (Bartlett), Champ.Con Flight, Tim Jones (Bartlett), 45-59 Consolation Flight, Roy Dwailebee (PFW), 2nd Flight, and RJ Pauly (Bartlett), Over 60 Consolation Flight, missing was Corey Haas, (Bartlett), Medalist, and Mike Brady(Coudersport), Senior Flight. Next years dates will be August 2nd thru August 6th, 2023.

Sunday Finals Pairings & Match Results, 8/7/2022

NOTE: Flight Winner results will be posted after the conclusion of each match.

Championship Flight–36 hole final; 30-minute break after conclusion of first 18 holes
9:00am Blocher vs. Cornelius
Through 18 holes: Cornelius 3-up; play will resume at approximately 12:45pm on Hole 1
Winner: Spencer Cornelius, 3&2
60 & Over Consolation Flight

9:10am Phillips vs. Pauly
Winner: Pauly 2&1
45-59 Consolation Flight

9:20am Burton (Brian) vs. Jones
Winner: Jones 1 up
Senior Flight (65 & over)

9:30am Brady (Mike) vs. Brady (Jim)
Winner: Mike Brady 2&1
5th Flight

9:40am Buchholz vs. Galvin
Winner: Buchholz 4&3
4th Flight

9:50am Swanson, C. vs Schaefer
Winner: C. Swanson 5&4
3rd Flight

10:00am Worth vs. Swanson, D.
Winner: D. Swanson, 5&4
2nd Flight

10:10am Dwaileebe vs. Baire, Jr.
Winner: Dwaileebe 1 up 19 holes
1st Flight

10:20am Swanson, N. vs. Almonacid
Winner: Almonacid 3&1
Championship Consolation Flight

10:30am McClain vs. Shaw
Winner: McClain 2&1

Saturday Pairings, 8-6-2022

45-59 Consolation Flight
8:00am Burton (Brian) vs. Martinelli
8:10am Folts vs. Jones
60 & over Consolation Flight
8:20am Hendrix (Mike) vs. Phillips
8:30am Pauly vs. Morton
Senior Flight (65 & 0ver)
8:40am Brady (Mike) vs. Reiley
8:50am Sherman vs. Brady (Jim)
5th Flight
9:10am Buchholz vs. R. Chapman
9:20am Bush vs. Galvin
4th Flight
9:30am Schaefer vs. Hendrix (Mark)
9:40am Swanson, C. vs. Burke
3rd Flight
10:00am Swanson, D. vs. Henzel (Dominik)
10:10am Worth vs. Santana
2nd Flight
10:20am Baire, Jr. vs. Colligan, Jr.
10:30am Chapman vs. Dwaileebe
1st Flight
10:50am Almonacid vs. Russell
11:00am Swanson, N. vs. Vecchio
Consolation Championship Flight
11:10am Carls vs. Shaw
11:20am McClain vs. Derwick
Championship Flight
11:40am Thomas vs. Cornelius
11:50am Byrne vs. Blocher

Friday Pairings, 8-5-2022

NOTE: There is rain in the forecast for Friday. In the event of rain delays, please be patient as we work to get all groups out playing and finished. Thank you!

Championship Consolation Flight

8:00am Rohrs vs. Jordan
8:05am Baire vs. McClain
8:10am Streich vs. Derwick
8:15am Johnsen vs. McHone
8:20am Glatz vs. Wright
8:25am Rosen vs. Carls
8:30am Shaw vs. Jennings
8:35am Heckman vs. Crist

Championship Flight
8:50am Haas vs. (Scott) Brady
8:55am Byrne vs. Hall, Jr.
9:00am Stauffer vs. Gleason
9:05am Blocher vs. Barner
9:10am Aiello vs. Bzdak
9:15am Thomas vs. Callahan
9:20am Cornelius vs. Davis
9:25am Henzel (Kyle) vs. Unverdorben

Senior Flight (65 & over)
9:45am Brady (Mike) vs. Kubiak
9:50am Reiley vs. Hall, Sr.
9:55am Sherman vs. J. Henzel, Jr.
10:00am Brady (Jim) vs. Chicola

1st Flight
10:20am Forness vs. Swanson
10:25am Stein vs. Vecchio
10:30am Horn vs. Almonacid
10:35am Russell vs. Bartman
2nd Flight
10:40am Gethicker vs. Dwaileebe
10:45am Chapman vs. Davis
10:50am Baire Jr. vs. King
10:55am Ramadhan vs. Colligan Jr.

Consolation Flight (45-59)
11:10am Burton vs. Baire, Jr. (Max)
11:15am Martinelli vs. Ramage
11:20am Folts vs. Baire, Sr. (Vinnie)
11:25am Jones vs. Newmark

Consolation Flight (60 & over)
11:30am Hendrix (Mike) vs. Reynolds
11:35am Boser vs. Phillips
11:40am Pauly vs. Travis (Mark)
11:45am Morton vs. Carucci

5th Flight
11:55am Galvin vs. Miller
12:00am Travis (Chris) vs. Bush
12:05am Chapman vs. Williams
12:10am George vs. Buchholz

4th Flight
12:30am Hendrix (Mark) vs. Lewis
12:35am Siago vs. Schaefer
12:40am Burke vs. Jakubczyk, Sr.
12:45am Hnat vs. Swanson, C.

3rd Flight
1:00am Cappadonia vs. Henzel (Dominik)
1:05am Swanson (Darien) vs. Burton (Bryce)
1:10am Malik vs. Santana
1:15am Dick vs. Worth

Thursday Pairings 8-4-2022

Senior Flight
8:00am  Steve Kubiak vs Mark Reynolds
NOTE:  7 other senior flight players will play their first match on Friday, 8-5-2022.  Matches will be posted on Thursday, 8-4-2022.
2nd Flight
8:10am  S. Orcutt vs D. Gethiker
8:10am  E. Steffen vs R. Dwaileebe
8:20am  J. Chapman vs. RJ Pauley
8:20am  C. Davis vs. F. Higgins
8:30am  J. Morton vs. V. Baire Jr.
8:30am  K. King vs. P. Spencer
8:40am  D. Keleman vs. J. Ramadhan
8:40am  T. Jones vs. B. Colligan, Jr.
1st Flight
9:00am  Mike Hendrix vs. B. Forness
9:00am  N. Swanson vs. A. Frank
9:10am  J. Stein vs. Brian Burton
9:10am  P. Vecchio vs. R. Lechner
9:20am  D. Horn vs. B. Kamuda
9:20am  M. Almonacid vs. C. Fitzpatrick
9:30am  J. Palumbo vs. R. Russell
9:30am  T. Stitt vs. R. Bartman
Championship Flight
9:50am  M. Aiello vs. J. Glatz
9:50am  P. Bzdak vs. J. Wright
10:00am T. Thomas vs. J. Rosen
10:00am S. Callahan vs. J. Carls
10:10am S. Cornelius vs. A. Shaw
10:10am E. Jennings vs. M. Davis
10:20am K. Henzel vs. K. Heckman
10:20am T. Unverdorben vs. C. Crist
10:30am C. Haas vs. A. Rohrs
10:30am S. Brady vs. E. Jordan
10:40am P. Byrne vs. M. Baire
10:40am T. Hall Jr. vs. K. McClain
10:50am K. Stauffer vs. B. Streich
10:50am T. Gleason vs. S. Derwick
11:00am C. Blocher vs. K. Johnsen
11:00am E. McHone vs. C. Barner
3rd Flight
11:20am D. Dick vs. R. Williams
11:20am T. Stead vs. J. Worth
11:30am O. Malik vs. J. Brockel
11:30am B. Santana vs. S. Folts
11:40am D. Swanson vs. J. Boser
11:40am Bryce Burton vs. M. Austin
11:50am J. Cappadonia vs. K. Asti
11:50am D. Henzel vs. B. Lockwood
4th Flight
12:10pm S. Hnat vs. T. Ramage
12:10pm M. Posmanik vs. C. Swanson
12:20pm M.Phillips vs. R. Jakubczyk, Sr.
12:20pm T. Burke vs. R. Jakubczyk, Jr.
12:30pm C. Siago vs. J. Orcutt
12:30pm Z. Schaefer vs. J. Morrison
12:40pm D. Martinelli vs. Mark Hendrix
12:40pm M. Travis vs. T. Lewis
5th Flight
12:50pm  N. George (bye)–participant may play even though there is a bye
12:50pm  T. Buchholz vs. V. Baire, Sr.
1:00pm    Max Mark Baire vs. R. Chapman
1:00pm    J. Williams vs. T. Westfall
1:10pm   Chris Travis vs. M. Newmark
1:10pm   T. Bush vs. D. McHone
1:20pm   J. Galvin vs. Max Baire, Jr.
1:20pm   D. Carucci vs. K. Miller

Wednesday Qualifier Results

Corey Haas (Bartlett) – 66

Marcus Aiello (Birch Run) – 69

Spencer Cornelius (Penn Hills) – 71

Keith Stauffer (Penn Hills) – 71

Chris Blocher (Bartlett) – 71

Kyle Henzel (Barlett) – 72

Tim Hall, Jr. (Bartlett) – 74

Peter Byrne (SBU) – 74

Tyler Thomas (Corning Country Club) – 74

Shaun Callahan (Bartlett) – 74

Ed Jennings (Bolivar) – 75

Eric McHone (PFW) – 75

Terry Gleason (Smethport) – 75

Trent Unverdorben (Bartlett) -75

Paul Bzdak (Bartlett) – 76

Michael Davis (Holiday Valley) – 77

Scott Brady (Bartlett) – 77

Evan Jordan (NYSGAE) – 77

James Wright (Bartlett) – 77

Curtis Barner (Kane) – 78

Jim Carls (Bartlett) – 78

Jake Rosen (Country Club of Buffalo) – 78

Scott Derwick (Bartlett) – 78

Kamdyn McClain (Bartlett) – 78

Cam Crist (Chatauqua) – 78

Knut Johnsen (Bartlett) – 79

Kaden Heckman ( Penn Hills) – 79

Brady Streich (Coudersport) – 79

Mark Baire (PFW) -79

Andy Rohrs (Bartlett) – 80

Mike Hendrix (Birch Run) – 80

Aidan Shaw (Orchard Park) – 80

Jamie Glatz (Unattached) – 80

Maximilliano Almonacid (PAR) – 81

Andy Frank (PFW) – 81

James Stein (Birch Run) – 81

Charlie Fitzpatrick (Holiday Valley) – 81

Joe Palumbo (Bartlett) – 81

Phil Vecchio (Bartlett) – 81

David Horn (Coudersport) – 81

Talan Stitt (Bartlett) – 81

Nolan Swanson (Pinehurst) – 81

Ryan Bartman (PFW) – 82

Ryan Lechner (Bartlett) – 82

Brian Burton (Holland Hills) – 83

Rick Russell (Bartlett) – 83

Brody Kamuda (Tri County) – 84

Bob Forness (Bartlett) – 84

Sam Orcutt (Bartlett) – 85

Jack Morton (Bartlett) – 85

Drew Keleman (Chatauqua) – 85

Jake Chapman (Bartlett) – 86

Carter Davis (Cardinal Hills) – 86

Tim Jones (Bartlett) – 86

Kert King (Springville) – 86

Evan Steffen (Chatauqua) -86

Roy Dwaileebe (PFW) -86

Patrick Spencer (Cable Hollow) – 86

Bob Colligan, Jr. (PFW) -87

Frank Higgins (Bartlett) – 87

RJ Pauly (Bartlett) – 87

Jalala Ramadhan (Bartlett) – 87

Vince Baire Jr. (PFW) – 87

Dylan Gethiker (Spruce Hollow) – 87

Dj Dick (Bartlett) -88

Darien Swanson (Pinehurst) – 88

Omar Malik (PAR) – 89

Joe Cappadonia (Unattached) – 89

Brendan Santana (Smethport) – 90

Dominik Henzel (Bartlett) – 90

Bryce Burton (Holland Hills) -90

Tim Stead (Bona’s) – 90

Jeff Worth (PFW) – 90

Michael Austin (Penn Hills) – 91

Ben Lockwood (Chatauqua) – 91

Scott Folts (Bartlett) – 91

Jacob Brockel (Bona’s) – 92

Kole Asti (Ridgeway) – 92

Jeff Boser (PAR) – 93

Ryan Williams (Bartlett) – 93

Steve Hnat (Penn Hills) – 93

Chad Siago (PFW) – 94

Dennis Martinelli (Bolivar) – 95

Matthew Phillips (Bartlett) – 95

Tony Burke (Bartlett) – 96

Mark Travis (Penn Hills) – 96

Zach Schaefer (PAR ) – 96

Benjamin Posmanick (Bartlett) – 96

Carson Swanson (Pinehurst) – 96

Jackson Morrison (Cardinal Hills) – 96

Tony Lewis (PAR) – 97

Ron Jakubczyk Jr. (Bartlett) – 97

Ron Jakubczyk Sr. (Bartlett) – 97

Mark Hendrix (Birch Run) – 98

Jon Orcutt (Bartlett) – 98

Tony Ramage (PAR) – 99

Nate George (Wellsville) – 99

Jim Williams (Allegheny Hills) – 99

Jake Galvin (Chatauqua) – 99

Max Mark Baire (PFW) – 100

Chris Travis (Bartlett) – 100

Dave Carucci (Bartlett) – 101

Tracy Bush (PFW) – 101

Tyler Buchholtz (Smethport)- 102

Vincent Baire Sr. (Bartlett) – 104

Dante McHone (PAR) – 105

Keith Miller (Bolivar) – 107

Matt Newmark (Unattached) – 108

Roger Chapman (Unattached) – 108

Max Baire Jr. (PAR) – 110

Todd Westfall (Unattached) – 117


Mike Brady (Coudersport) – 72

Jim Brady (Bartlett) – 78

Mike Sherman (PAR) – 78

Dan Reiley (Penn Hills) – 79

Tim Hall Sr. (Bartlett) – 79

John Henzel Jr. (PAR) – 82

John Chicola (Bartlett) – 84

Steve Kubiak (Penn Hills) – 87

Mark Reynolds (PAR) – 105

86th SWNY-NWPA Men’s Amateur Tee Times – Wednesday August 3rd

UPDATED – 8/2 – 120 Entries

Due to a high turnout, all players must share carts on Wednesday and Thursday
7:45 – Knut Johnsen III (Bartlett), Jim Williams (Allegany Hills), Chris Travis (Bartlett)
8:00 – Tracy Bush (PFW), Ryan Williams (Bartlett),Benjamin Posmanick (Bartlett)
8:09 – Ryan Lechner (Bartlett), Jackson Morrison (Cardinal Hills), Kaden Heckman (Pennhills)
8:18 – Spencer Cornelius (Pennhills), Ben Lockwood (Chautaqua), Michael Davis (Holiday Valley)
8:27 – Tyler Thomas (Corning), Curtis Barner (Kane), Brady Kamuda (Tri-County)
8:36 – Starter’s Time
8:45 – Mike Brady (Coudersport), John Chicola (Bartlett), Mark Reynolds (PAR)
8:54 – Dan Reiley (Pennhills), Tim Hall Sr. (Bartlett), Mike Sherman (PAR)
9:04 – John Henzel Jr.(PAR), Steve Kubiak (Pennhills), Jim Brady (Bartlett)
9:13 – Scott Folts (Bartlett), DJ Dick (Bartlett), Tim Jones (Bartlett)
9:22 – Darien Swanson (Pinehurst), Talan Stitt (Bartlett), Sam Orcutt (Bartlett)
9:31 – Brady Streich (Coudersport), Carson Swanson (Pinehurst), Carter Davis (Cardinal Hills)
9:40 – Ed Jennings (Bolivar), Brian Burton (Holland Hills), Nolan Swanson (Pinehurst)
9:49 – Jeff Worth (Bartlett), Tony Ramage (PAR), Jim Carls (Bartlett)
9:58 – Scott Brady (Bartlett), Omar Malik (PAR), Jake Rosen (CC of Buffalo)
10:07Starter’s Time
10:16 – Frank Higgins (Bartlett), Phil Vecchio (Bartlett), Scott Derwick (Bartlett)
10:25 – Michael Austin (Pennhills), James Stein (Birch Run), Matt Newmark (Ted Rhodes GC)
10:34 – Roy Dwaileebe (PFW), Jon Orcutt (Bartlett), Bob Colligan Jr. (PFW)
10:43 – Corey Haas (Bartlett), Keith Stauffer (Pennhills), Tim Hall Jr. (Bartlett)
10:52 – Chris Blocher (Bartlett), Peter Byrne (NJ National), Maximilliano Almonacid (PAR)
11:01–  Starter’s Time
11:10 – Andy Frank (PFW), Andrew Rohrs (Bartlett), Bryce Burton (Holland Hills)
11:19 – Dylan Gethicker (Spruce Ridge GC), Trent Unverdorben (Bartlett), Evan Jordan (NYSGA)
11:28  – Kole Asti (Ridgway), Patrick Spencer (Cable Hollow), Jacob Brockel (Bonas)
11:37 – Jeff Boser (PAR), Kert King (Springville), Mike Hendrix (Birch Run)
11:46  – Eric McHone (PFW), Kyle Henzel (Bartlett), Shaun Callahan (Bartlett)
11:54 – Rick Russell (Bartlett) (Bartlett), Marcus Aiello (Birch Run), James Wright (Bartlett)
12:03 – Starter’s Time
12:12 – Jalala Ramadhan (Bartlett), Joe Cappadonia (Unattached), Aidan Shaw (Orchard Park)
12:21 – Dominik Henzel (Bartlett), Cam Crist. (Chautauqua),Kamdyn McClain (Bartlett)
12:30 – Evan Steffen(Chautauqua), Tyler Bucholz (Smethport), Drew Keleman (Chautauqua)
12:39 – Ryan Bartman (PFW), Mark Hendrix (Birch Run), Matthew Phillips (Bartlett)
12:48 Charles Fitzpatrick (DBL Black Diamond), Jamie Glatz (Unaffiliated), Vincent Baire Jr. (PAR)
12:57– Tim Stead (Bonas), Chad Siago (PFW), Tony Lewis (PAR)
1:06 – Starter’s Time
1:15 – Bob Forness (Bartlett), Jake Chapman (Bartlett), Joe Palumbo (Bartlett)
1:24 – Ron Jakubczyk Sr. (Bartlett), Jake Galvin (Chautauqua), Ron Jakubczyk Jr. (Bartlett)
1:33 – Dante McHone (PAR), Zach Schaefer (PAR), Todd Westfall (Unattached)
1:42 – Dave Carucci (Bartlett), Roger Chapman (Unattached), Vincent Baire Sr. (Bartlett)
1:51 – Mark Baire (PFW), Max Mark Baire (PFW), Max Baire Jr. (PAR)
2:00 – Davin Horn (Coudersport), Brendan Santana (Smethport), Terry Gleason (Smethport)
2:09 – Jack Morton (Bartlett), RJ Pauly (Bartlett), Paul Bzdak (Bartlett)
2:18 – Steve Hnat (Pennhills), Nate George (Wellsville), Mark Travis (Pennhills)
2:27 – Keith Miller (Bolivar), Tony Burke (Bartlett), Dennis Martinelli (Bolivar)

Men’s Am Donates $18,000 in 2021


SWNY-NWPA Men’s Amateur Golf Event donates $18,000


The 85th annual Southwestern New York – Northwestern Pennsylvania Men’s Amateur Golf Tournament has donated $18,000 to its two primary beneficiaries, HomeCare & Hospice Foundation and The Rehabilitation Foundation. Each agency received $9,000 making a total of $384,000 in donations from the tournament over the past 22 years. Presenting the checks from left to right are Greg Gibbons (Tournament Committee Member), Larry Sorokes (Chief Development Office at Intandem), Leanna Cameron (Director of Organizational Advancement at Homecare Hospice), Amy Webster (Advancement Coordinator at Homecare Hospice ) and Knut Johnsen III (Tournament Committee Member).  Next years tourneys dates are August 3rd thru August 7th.