Year-By-Year Stats

At Bartlett Country Club, September 6-9
Entries: 28
No Medalist
(Seven area clubs entered four players each)

Flight Winners – Champ: Clinton Studholme (Smethport) 4&2 over Harold Stohr (Wellsville)

At St. Bonaventure Golf Course, August 22-25
Entries: 38
Medalist: Joe Studholme (Smethport) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: “Booty” Forrest (St. Bona) 2&1 over Al Bliss (Pennhills)

At Pennhills, August 13-16
Entries: 50
Medalist: Joe Studholme (Smethport) 77

Flight Winners – Champ: Steve Benton (Pennhills) 3&2 over Lyle Larson (Kane)
First: A.T. Studholme (Smethport) 11&10 over Bill Knauer, Sr. (St. Bona)

At Elkdale, August 12-15
Entries: 35
Medalist: Bill Knauer, Jr. (St. Bona) 77

Flight Winners – Champ: Bill Knauer, Jr. 1-up over Al Bliss (Pennhills)
First: A.T. Studholme (Smethport) 4&2 over Earl Vedder (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 11-14
Entries: 77
Medalist: Bill Knauer, Jr. (St. Bona) 77

Flight Winners – Champ: Armand Burke (Wellsville) 5&3 over Charles Carson (St. Bona)
First: A.T. Studholme (Smethport) 2&1 over Joe Stetz (St. Bona)

At St. Bonaventure, August 10-13
Entries: 59
Medalist: Armand Burke (Wellsville) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Bill Kanuer, Jr. (St. Bona) 3&2 over Charles Carson (St. Bona)
First: A.P. Chase (Pennhills) 1-up-38 over Joe Orlandi (Smethport)

At Pennhills, August 15-18
Entries: 55
Medalist: Armand Burke (Wellsville) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Armand Burke (Wellsville) 1-up over Earl Amidon (Bartlett)
First: A.P. Chase (Pennhills) 1-up over J.S. White (Pennhills)
Second: Carl Oliver (Pennhills) 4&3 over Paul Wade (Co. Forks)

At Bartlett, August 14-17
Entries: 65
Medalist: Jerry Colliflower (St. Bona) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Armand Burke (Wellsville) 2&1 over Earl Amidon (Bartlett)
First: Robert Terhaar (St. Bona) 4&3 over H.K. Robarts (Pennhills)
Second: William Hoitnik (Co. Forks) 4&3 over Fred Boss (Bonas)

At St. Bonaventure, August 13-16
Entries: 51
Medalist: Jim Coyle (Wellsville) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Earl Amidon (Bartlett) 5&3 over Stu Davis (Bartlett)
First: Frank Morton (St. Bona) 1-up “Babe” Baldwin (Bartlett)


No Tournament – World War II

At Bartlett, August 15-18
Entries: 79
Medalists: J.D. Green (Bartlett), Roy Johnson (Pennhills), Joe Stetz (St. Bona) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Jim Coyle (Wellsville) 7&5 over Dick Baldwin (Bartlett)
First: Steve Chicola (Bartlett) 4&2 over Charles Hunter (Bartlett)
Second: C.C. Pettit (Co. Forks) 5&4 over Lew Piccioli (St. Bona)

At Pennhills, August 14-17
Entries: 60
Medalist: Stu Davis (Bartlett) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Bob Vreeland (Elkdale) 1-up over Johnny Stetz (St. Bona)
First: H.K. Robarts (Pennhills) 5&4 over William Waldo (Elkdale)
Second: Dan Haskins (Wellsville) 1-up over G.H. Krieger (Elkdale)

At Elkdale, August 4-8
Entries: 80
Medalists: George Driscoll (Bartlett), Larry Dana (Pennhills), Bill Henning (Elkdale) 71

Flight Winners: Champ: Larry Dana (Pennhills) 6&5 over Bob Vreeland (Elkdale)
First: Jack Cahill (St. Bona) 4&3 over Lew Piccioli (St. Bona)
Second: Bill LaBrack (Pennhills) 4&3 over L. Gallup (Smethport)

At Bartlett, August 10-14
Entries: 75
Medalist: Larry Dana (Pennhills) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Jack Cahill (St. Bona) 7&6 over Gene Eyler (Bartlett)
First: Dick Vedder (Bartlett) 1-up-37 over Dave Law (Bartlett)
Second: Elliot Horne (Co. Forks) 8&7 over Gunnar Anderson (Co. Forks)

At Pennhills, August 16-20
Entries: 80
Medalist: Gordon Phillips (Bartlett), Dick Krapfel (Warren) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Larry Dana (Pennhills) 7&5 over Dick Krapfel (Warren)
First: Dick Marcus (Bartlett) 6&5 over Bill Banks (Elkdale)
Second: Jim Davis (Bartlett) default over Bill Bathurst (St. Bona)

At Elkdale, August 15-19
Entries: 78
Medalist: Bob Vreeland (Elkdale) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Bob Vreeland (Elkdale) 4-and-2 over George Driscoll (Bartlett)
First: Tom Kilmurray (Elkdale) 1-up over Bill Smith (St. Bona)
Second: Bill Hoitnik (Co. Forks) 1-up-38 over Paul Wade (Co. Forks)

At Bartlett, August 13-17
Entries: 75
Medalist: Larry Dana (Pennhills), Gene Eyler (Bartlett) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Larry Dana (Pennhills) 7-and-6 over Gene Eyler (Bartlett)
First: Ray Snyder (St. Bona) 6-and-5 over Doug Burkette (Co. Forks)
Second: Herm Cochetto (St. Bona) 8-and-7 over Tom Shipton (St. Bona)

At Pennhills, August 12-16
Entries: 93
Medalist: Larry Dana (Pennhills) 74

Flight Winners – Champ: Gene Eyler (Bartlett) 4-and-3 over Stu Davis (Bartlett)
First: Jim Wheeler (St. Bona) 1-up over Dick Vedder (Bartlett)
Second: Tom Kilmurray (Elkdale) 4-and-3 over Herm Cochetto (St. Bona)

At Elkdale, August 18-22
Entries: 94
Medalist: Les Rettberg (Elkdale) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Larry Dana (Pennhills) 2-up over Jim Davis (Bartlett)
First: H.K. Robarts (Pennhills) 6-and-4 over Mike Shane (Bartlett)
Second: Ray Snyder (Birch Run) 3-and-2 over Ray Gay (Elkdale)
Third: Dick Vedder (Bartlett) 10-and-9 over Herm Cochetto (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, August 17-21
Entries: 107
Medalist: Jim Davis (Bartlett) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Gene Eyler (Bartlett) 5-and-4 over Jim Davis (Bartlett)
First: Frank Higgins, Jr. (Bartlett) 5-and-3 over Bob Vreeland (Elkdale)
Second: Don Schoonmaker (Elkdale) 3-and-1 over Ray Snyder (Birch Run)
Third: Dick Birmingham (St. Bona) 2-and-1 over Mike Pehonsky (Elkdale)

At Bartlett, August 15-19
Entries: 87
Medalist: John Morton (Elkdale), Dick Vedder (Bartlett) 74

Flight Winners – Champ: Tom Kochan (Elkdale) 4-and-2 over Ron Anderson (Wellsville)
First: Jim Davis (Bartlett) 4-and-3 over H.K. Robarts (Pennhills)
Second: Jim Goodlett (Bartlett) 2-up over N.P. Johnson (Bartlett)
Third: R.C. Sutton (St. Bona) 1-up over Ed Knight (Bartlett)

At Elkdale, August 14-18
Entries: 90
Medalist: Les Rettberg (Elkdale), H.L. Jones (Elkdale) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Tom Kochan (Elkdale) 1-up over Les Rettberg (Elkdale)
First: Ronnie Anderson (Wellsville) 3-and-2 over Jack Cahill (Bolivar)
Second: John Morton (Elkdale) 12-and-10 over Ray Dwaileebe (Birch Run)
Third: Herm Cochetto (St. Bona) 6-and-5 over Ray Kolin (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, August 13-17
Entries: 101
Medalist: John Bell (Bartlett), Jim Davis (Bartlett) 74

Flight Winners – Champ: Jim Davis (Bartlett) 2-up over Ted Kochan (Elkdale)
First: Les Rettberg (Elkdale) 13-and-12 over Dewey Gram (Bartlett)
Second: Dr. Robert Davis (Bartlett) 1-up over Ray Dwaileebe (Bartlett)
Third: Jack Kelly (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Don Crandall (Emporium)

At Elkdale, August 11-16
Entries: 89
Medalist: Les Rettberg (Elkdale) 140 (2-day qualifier)

Flight Winners – Champ: Mike Shane (Bartlett) 1-up-37 over Jim Davis (Bartlett)
First: Dick Vedder (Bartlett) 1-up-37 over Frank Chizewick (St. Bona)
Second: Stu Davis (Bartlett) 1-up over Bob Bergholitz (Elkdale)
Third: Dick Sutton (St. Bona) 1-up over N.P. Johnson (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 9-14
Entries: 118
Medalist: Jon Sheeser (Bartlett), Les Rettberg (Elkdale), Jim Davis (Bartlett) 143 (2-day qualifier)

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 10-and-9 over Dick Baldwin (Binghamton)
First: Gene Fazio (Elkdale) 7-and-6 over Buzz Von Nieda (Coudersport)
Second: Gerald Butchello (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over George Bryant (Bolivar)
Third: Terry Chrzan (Bartlett) 1-up-37 over Herm Cochetto (Birch Run)
Fourth: John Ballak (Bolivar) 2-up over Mike Wade (Bartlett)

At Elkdale, August 8-13
Entries: 98
Medalist: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 145 (2-day qualifier)

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 9-and-7 over Ed Forrest (Birch Run)
First: Jim Wheeler (Birch Run) 5-and-4 over N.P. Johnson, Jr. (Bartlett)
Second: Ted Chrzan (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Joe Kloc (St. Bona)
Third: Sam Shannon (Pennhills) 2-and-1 over Fred Gallup (Pennhills)
Fourth: Henry Hoffman (Bolivar) 4-and-2 over Phil Galinna (Pennhills)

At Bartlett, August 14-19
Entries: 109
Medalist: Les Rettberg (Elkdale) 143 (2-day qualifier)

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 1-up-37 over Les Rettberg (Elkdale)
First: Frank Chizewick (Birch Run) 1-up-38 over Jim Wheeler (Birch Run)
Second: Paul Platko (Smethport) 1-up-19 over Gene Fazio (Elkdale)
Third: Dr. Robert Davis (Bartlett) 1-up over Jim Freitas (Bartlett)
Fourth: Sam Shannon (Pennhills) 3-and-2 over Dr. Louis Reisner (Bartlett)

At Elkdale, August 6-11
Entries: 101
Medalist: Jon Sheeser (Bartlett) 145 (2-day qualifier)

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 14-and-13 over Larry Peace (Kane)
First: Dick Baldwin (Binghamton) 7-and-6 over Gene Fazio (Elkdale)
Second: Joe Grimone (Emporium) 4-and-3 over Bob Wilson (Bolivar)
Third: Bob Moore (Co. Forks) 2-and-1 over Tom Sanders (Elkdale)
Fourth: Hal Hansen (Smethport) 5-and-4 over Dave Blackstone (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, August 5-9
Entries: 61
Medalist: Ted Kochan (Elkdale), Jay Rettberg (Emporium), 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 8-and-7 over Paul Platko (Smethport)
First: Vince Malick (Elkdale) 2-and-1 over Steve Cudahy (Bolivar)
Second: John Ballak (St. Bona) 3-and-2 over Norm Colletti (Bolivar)

At Bartlett, August 4-8
Entries: 74
Medalist: Mike Shane (Bartlett) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Mike Shane (Bartlett) 7-and-5 over Paul Platko (Smethport)
First: Charles Dineen (Bartlett) 4-and-2 over Craig Senfield (Bartlett)
Second: Al Tasin (Pine Acres) 3-and-1 over Charles Frame (Smethport)
Third: Charles Frame, Sr. (Smethport) 4-and-3 over Gene Pearce (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 3-7
Entries: 86
Medalist: Bob Wilson (Bolivar) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 2-and-1 over Dr. Bob Davis (Bartlett)
First: Dan Berry (Wellsville) 1-up over Jim Wheeler (PFW)
Second: Ray Dwaileebe (Bolivar) 3-and-2 over Leo Keenan (Bartlett)
Third: Bill Fitzpatrick (Bartlett) 1-up-19 over Paul Abbey (Pennhills)
Fourth: Paul DeMarte (Kane) 2-and-1 over John Henzel (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 2-6
Entries: 77
Medalist: Jim Toner (Bartlett) 77

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 4-and-3 over Ed Forrest (Bartlett)
First: Frank Higgins, Jr. (Bartlett) 4-and-2 over Len Suchora (Birch Run)
Second: Mark Phillips (Bartlett) 4-and-3 over Jack Beattie (Elkdale)
Third: Phil Fanton (Wellsville) 2-and-1 over Carroll Ansteatt (Bartlett)
Fourth: Chris Henzel (Bartlett) 1-up over Tom Nazaro (Elkdale)

At Bartlett, July 31-August 4
Entries: 84
Medalist: Gene Fazio (Pine Acres) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Holiday Valley) 8-and-7 over Mike Shane (Bartlett)
First: Mark Phillips (Bartlett) 3-and-1 over Vic Bergsten (Birch Run)
Second: Dan Berry (Wellsville) 4-and-3 over John Ballak (St. Bona)
Third: Ted Vreeland (Elkdale) 2-and-1 over Len Suchora (Birch Run)
Over 45: Neil Anderson (Bartlett) 3-and-1 over Ray Dwaileebe (Birch Run)

At Bartlett, July 30-August 4
Entries: 68
Medalist: Bob Gunnell (Jackson Valley) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Frank Higgins, Jr. (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Bob Gunnell (PFW)
First: Ray Dwaileebe (Bolivar) 2-and-1 over Dick Baldwin (Binghamton)
Second: Tom Griffith (Bartlett) 1-up-19 over Charles Cousins, Sr. (Birch Run)
Third: Gordon Printup (Hamburg) 1-up over Bill Campbell (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 15-19
Entries: 50
Medalist: Jack Beattie (Elkdale) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Ted Kochan (Elkdale) 1-up-38 over Dan Stetz (Holiday Valley)
First: Kevin Harris (Wellsville) 2-and-1 over Mike Shane (Bartlett)
Second: Rich Suchora (Holiday Valley) 2-and-1 over Bob Moore (Co. Forks)

At Bartlett, July 14-18
Entries: 70
Medalist: Jerry Lantzy (Birch Run) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Ed Forrest (Bartlett) 11-and-9 over Bill Pedacchio (Elkdale)
First: Fred Lindstrom (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Al Cecchi (Bartlett)
Second: Mark Mitchell (Bolivar) 6-and-5 over Dan Krick (Bartlett)
Third: Bill Lewis (Elkdale) 1-up-19 over Blair Lundberg (Emporium)

At Elkdale, June 28-July 2
Entries: 65
Medalist: Dan O’Neill (Moonbrook) 69

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan O’Neill (Moonbrook) 9-and-8 over Chick Bello (Warren)
First: Dave Young (Maplehurst) 4-and-3 over Stan Scott (Elkdale)
Second: Bob Taylor (Elkdale) 1-up over Al Tasin (Pine AcreS)
Third: Terry Reiley (Pine Acres) 1-up over Bob Hirst (Birch Run)

At Pine Acres, June 27-July 1
Entries: 82
Medalist: Dick Weeks (Point Chautauqua) 73

Flight Winners – Bill Miller, Jr. (Pine Acres) 3-and-2 over Mike Hirsch (Hamburg)
First: Bob Berg (Moonbrook) 5-and-4 over Mark Bednar (St. Bona)
Second: Ted Vreeland (Elkdale) 3-and-2 over John Henzel (Bartlett)
Third: Paul Bishop (Smethport) 1-up over Jerry Smith (Birch Run)
Fourth: Ed Konwinski (Pine Acres) 4-and-3 over Bill Dahar (St. Bona)
Over 45: Ray Dwaileebe (Birch Run) 214 Net

At Bartlett, June 26-July 1
Entries: 84
Medalist: Bob Gunnell (Moonbrook) 69

Flight Winners – Champ: John Mayer (Bartlett) 1-up over Roger Loop (Moonbrook)
First: Dan Krick (Bartlett) 2-up over Vinnie Martin (Smethport)
Second: Mike McCarthy (Wellsville) 2-and-1 over Rich Suchora (Holiday Valley)
Third: Paul Wilcox (Birch Run) 4-and-3 over Tim Young (St. Bona)
Over 45: John Henzel (Bartlett) 285 Net

At Elkdale, June 25-29
Entries: 77
Medalist: Mark Phillips (Bartlett) 68

Flight Winners – Champ: Bob Gunnell (MoonbrookO) 3-and-2 over Ted Kochan (Warren)
First: Bill Pedacchio (Co. Forks) 6-and-5 over Terry Reiley (Pine Acres
Second: John Jones (Pennhills) 1-up-20 over Rich Weise (St. Bona)
Third: Ralph Honey (Co. Forks) 261 Net
Over 45: Girard Etzkom (St. Bona): 271 Net

At Pine Acres, August 11-15
Entries: 64
Medalist: Mark Phillips (Bartlett) 69

Flight Winners – Champ: Gene Fazio (Pine Acres) 1-up-40 over Bob Gunnell (Warren)
First: Jim Auteri (Pine Acres) 1-up over Greg Fitzpatrick (Holiday Valley)
Second: Bill Lewis (Birch Run) 3-and-2 over Randy Pixley (Ischua Valley)
Over 45: Had Brown (Birch Run) 281 Net

At Bartlett, August 10-14
Entries: 87
Medalist: Jim Brady (Bartlett) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Jim Brady (Bartlett) 5-and-4 over Bob Gunnell (South Hills)
First: Paul Stetz (Holiday Valley) 2-up over John Ebert (Holiday Valley)
Second: Bill Fitzpatrick (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Al Cecchi (Bartlett)
Third: Charles Dineen (Bartlett) 1-up-21 over Tim Klimczyk (St. Bona)
Over 45: Luke Wilson (Bolivar) 278 Net

At Bartlett, August 9-13
Medalist: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 66

Flight Winners – Champ: Bob Gunnell (Chautauqua) 3-and-2 over Dan Stetz (Bartlett)
First: Mark Peabody (Bolivar) 5-and-3 over Rich Suchora (Holiday Valley)
Second: Dick Vedder, Jr. (Bartlett) 8-and-6 over Charles Dineen (Bartlett)
Third: James Lennon (Elkdale) 1-up over Tim Albro (Warren)
Fourth: Tony Leute (Bolivar) 4-and-3 over Bill Childs (Wellsville)
Over 45: Ray Dwaileebe (Bartlett) 286 Net

At Bartlett, August 8-12
Entries: 117
Medalist: Steve Kula (Bartlett) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Kent Stauffer (Pine Acres) 4-and-3 over Dan Stetz (Bartlett)
First: Dick Weeks (Bemus Point) 4-and-3 over Rich Suchora (Holiday Valley)
Second: Jud Foy (Bolivar) 1-up over Mark Peabody (Bolivar)
Third: Mitch Mednar (Bonas) 6-and-4 over Jerry O’Neil (Bartlett)
Fourth: Scott Bergreen (Birch Run) 5-and-4 over David Meiss (Six-S)
Over 45: Rich Dwaileebe (Co. Forks) 288 Net

At Bartlett, August 13-17
Entries: 104
Medalist: Tom Buffamante (Elkdale) 68

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 1-up over Kirk Stauffer (Pine Acres)
First: Ed Forrest (Bolivar) 3-and-2 over Dick Dwaileebe (Bartlett)
Second: Cas Konieczka (Bartlett) 4-and-3 over Ron McMahon (Bolivar)
Third: David Nenno (St. Bona) 3-and-1 over Steve Campbell (Bartlett)
Fourth: Jeff Livak (Elkdale) 6-and-5 over Carl Lafferty (Ischua Valley)
Over 45: Fred Sawaya (Birch Run) 280 Net

At Bartlett, August 5-9
Entries: 110
Medalist: Kent Stauffer (Pine Acres) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Kirk Stauffer (Pine Acres) 10-and-8 over Ed Forrest (Bolivar)
First: Greg Fitzpatrick (Elkdale) 3-and-2 over Dick Dwaileebe (Bartlett)
Second: Scott Elder (Bartlett) 4-and-3 over Mark Peabody (Bolivar)
Third: Chris Nye (Elkdale) 3-and-2 over Brian Froebel (St. Bona)
Fourth: Carl Lafferty (Ischua Valley) 5-and-4 over Al Amico (Bartlett)
Over 45: Ray Dwaileebe (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Charles Love (Ischua Valley)

At Bartlett, August 4-8
Entries: 126
Medalist: Duncan Hinckley (Wellsville) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 5-and-4 over Howard Holmes (Maplehurst)
First: Dick Dwaileebe (Bartlett) 1-up over Bill Forrest (Bartlett)
Second: Tom Buffamante (Elkdale) 3-and-2 over Butch Robak (St. Bona)
Third: Jud Foy (Bolivar) 1-up over Mike Dynda (Emporium)
Fourth: Pete Taylor (Pine Acres) 3-and-2 over Tracy Bush (Bartlett)
Over 45: Clifford Day (Bolivar) 2-and-1 over Ray Dwaileebe (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 3-7
Entries: 150
Medalist: Kirk Stauffer (Pine Acres) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 9-and-7 over Kirk Stauffer (Pine Acres)
First: Tony Leute (Bartlett) 3-and-1 over Mark Peabody (St. Bona)
Second: Blaise Buffamante (Elkdale) 5-and-3 over Scott Derwick (Bartlett)
Third: Tim Klimczyk (St. Bona) 4-and-3 over Stan Dynda (Emporium)
Fourth: Steve Hirst (St. Bona) 1-up over Arnold McHone (Bartlett)
Fifth: Mark Rice (Six-S) 3-and-2 over Ron McMahon (Smethport)
Sixth: John Jones, Jr. (St. Bona) 3-and-2 over Dave Reynolds (Bartlett)
Over 45: Ray Dwaileebe (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Jerry Fish (Allegheny Hills)

At Bartlett, August 1-5
Entries: 132
Medalist: Jim Brady (Bartlett) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Jim Brady (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Kirk Stauffer (Pennhills)
First: Max Payne (Springville) 4-and-2 over Mike Cashimere (St. Bona)
Second: Steve Campbell (Bartlett) 3-and-1 over Jeff Padlo (Bartlett)
Third: Dan Krick (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Ron McMahon (Smethport)
Fourth: Dan Smith (Elkdale) 5-and-3 over Dick Vedder, Jr. (Birch Run)
Fifth: Mark Wegener (Emporium) 3-and-2 over Max Simmons (St. Bona)
Over 45: B.B. Voorhees (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Bruno Quattrone (Elkdale)

At Bartlett, August 7-11
Entries: 109
Medalist: E.J. Pfister (East Aurora) 69

Flight Winners – Champ: E.J. Pfister (East Aurora) 9-and-7 over Charles Dineen (Bartlett)
First: Jerry Newburg (Bartlett) 1-up-19 over Dick Dwaileebe (Bartlett)
Second: Bill Fitzpatrick (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Tom Ligenfeller (Six-S)
Third: Kevin Blackwell (Birch Run) 4-and-3 over David Meiss (Six-S)
Fourth: Kurt Greiner (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Vince Fratercangelo (Bartlett)
Over 45: Jerry Fish (Allegheny Hills) 4-and-3 over Walter Rajski (St. Bona)

50th Anniversary
At Bartlett, Elkdale and Pennhills, August 4-10
Entries: 80
Medalist: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 219 (3-day qualifier)
Junior Medalist: Chris Simms (Bartlett) 228

Flight Winners – Champ: John Forrest (PFW) 6-and-5 over Chris Simms (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Jim Brady (PFW) 7-and-6 over Dave Rhinehart (Bartlett)
First: Bob Scott (Pine Acres) 3-and-2 over Pete Taylor
Second: Tony Leute (PFW) 6-and-5 over Rich Hurley (Bartlett)
Third: John Platko (Ind. Echo) 7-and-5 over Mark Patterson (Elkdale)
Over 45: George Hendrix, Jr. (Bartlett) 4-and-3 over Ed Wintermantel (Birch Run)

At Elkdale and Bartlett, August 4-9
Entries: 101
Medalist: Max Payne (Springville) 140 (2-day qualifier)
Junior Medalist: Shannon Sykora (Wellsville) 150

Flight Winners – Champ: John Forrest (PFW) 3-and-1 over Kevin Blackwell (Pine Acres)
Champ. Consolation: Stan Dynda (Emporium) 2-and-1 over Eric Nannen (Birch Run)
First: Bob Berg (South Hills) 7-and-5 over Pete Wallen (St.  Bona)
Second: George Harris (Pine Acres) 4-and-3 over Dave Rhinehart (Birch Run)
Third: Derek Hernquist (Birch Run) 6-and-4 over Rich Hurley (Bartlett)
Fourth: Grant Vreeland (Elkdale) 3-and-1 over Phil Vecchio (Holiday Valley)
Over 50: George Hendrix, Jr. (Bartlett) 1-up over Dr. Harry Lochte (Pine Acres)

At Pennhills and Bartlett
Entries: 82
Medalist: William Smith (Pennhills) 143 (2-day qualifier)
Junior Medalist: Ken Yogi (Pennhills) 151

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 1-up over William Smith (Pennhills)
Champ. Consolation: Chuck Crist (Elkdale) 3-and-1 over Jim Mead (East Aurora)
First: Joe Heister, Jr. (Smethport) 3-and-2 over Frank Leute (Bartlett)
Second: Rick Black (Co. Forks) 1-up-19 over Steve Tripodi (Bartlett)
Third: Lerry Benka (Birch Run) 6-and-4 over John Chambers (St. Bona)
Over 50: Max Simmons (Pine Acres) 4-and-2 over Ed Wintermantel (Birch Run)

At Bartlett, August 1-6
Entries: 73
Medalist: William Smith (Pennhills) 138 (2-day qualifier)
Junior Medalist: Ed Suchora (St. Bona) 145

Flight Winners – Champ: Paul Stetz (Elkdale) 1-up over Scott Crist (Elkdale)
Champ. Consolation: Mark Peabody (Elkdale) 4-and-3 over Chris Simms (Bartlett)
First: Chuck Cousins, Sr. (St. Bona) 3-and-2 over Chuck Cousins, Jr. (Pine Acres)
Second: Tom Cummins (PAR) 3-and-1 over Ed Jenigen (Coudersport)
Third: Jim Ferrick (Birch Run) 4-and-3 over Ken Brown (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, July 31-August 5
Entries: 110
Medalist: Jim Brady (Bartlett) 144 (2-day qualifier)
Junior Medalist: Ed Suchora (St. Bona) 153

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 9-and-7 over Jim Brady (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Mark Peabody (Elkdale) 3-and-1 over Mike Suchora (Bartlett)
First: Tom Crist (Elkdale) 3-and-1 over Marty Brisky (Ischua Valley)
Second: Eric McHone (Bartlett) 4-and-3 over Paul Cousins (Birch Run)
Third: Frank Leute (Bartlett) 6-and-4 over Chris Sanzo (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, July 31-August 4
Entries: 105
Medalist: Tom Buffamante (Bartlett) 68
Junior Medalist: Ed Suchora (St. Bona) 76

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan Stetz (Bartlett) 6-and-5 over Terry Reiley (Pine Acres)
Champ. Consolation: Dave Williams (Wellsville) 3-and-2 over V. Fratercangelo (Birch Run)
First: Ed Forrest (Birch Run) 4-and-3 over Chris Barbaro (Bartlett)
Second: Dan Krick (Bartlett) 1-up-19 over Mark Peabody (Elkdale)
Third: Frank Higgins (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Grant Vreeland (Elkdale)
Fourth: Roy Dwaileebe (St. Bona) 3-and-1 over Frank Leute (Pennhills)
Fifth: Howard Sturdevant (Evergreen) 3-and-2 over Terry Burrows, Sr. (Evergreen)

At Bartlett, August 5-9
Entries: 93
Medalist: Tim Klimczyk (PFW) 69
Junior Medalist: Chris Blocher (St. Bona) 74

Flight Winners – ChampTim Klimczyk (PFW) 9-and-7 over Jim Brady (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Shannon Sykora (Wellsville) 2-and-1 over B. Barnett (Bartlett)
First: Matt Anderson (Cardinal Hills) 4-and-3 over Kyle Henzel (Bartlett)
Second: Mike Obuhanich (Six-S) 3-and-2 over Charlie Cousins, Sr. (Bartlett)
Third: Bob Colligan, Jr. (Wellsville) 1-up over Paul Abdo (Elkdale)
Fourth: Bill Smith (Birch Run) 3-and-1 over Mark Hamed (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, August 3-7
Entries: 105
Medalist: Paul Stetz (Elkdale) 70
Junior Medalist: Ed Suchora (Pennhills) 76

Flight Winners – Champ: Ed Suchora (Pennhills) 6-and-5 over Steve Campbell (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Tom Crist (Elkdale) 2-and-1 over Joe Heister, Jr. (Bartlett)
First: Ed Forrest (Birch Run) 3-and-2 over Dan Krick (Bartlett)
Second: Joe DiSorbo (St. Bona) 1-up over Chuck Cousins, Sr. (Bartlett)
Third: Ray O’Brien (Birch Run) 7-and-6 Ed Meadsday (Six-S)
Fourth: Ed Wintermantel (Birch Run) 2-and-1 over Ron Jakubczyk (Birch Run)

At Bartlett, August 3-7
Entries: 91
Medalist: Randall Holmes (South Hills) 71
Junior Medalist: Jim Barillo, Jr. (Birch Run) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Tom Crist (Elkdale) 3-and-1 over Paul Stetz (Elkdale)
Champ. Consolation: Jim Barillo, Jr. (Birch Run) 8-and-6 over Randall Holmes (South Hills)
First: Dan Reiley (Pennhills) 1-up over Kyle Henzel (Bartlett)
Second: Matt Monroe (Birch Run) 2-and-1 over Mike Suchora (St. Bona)
Third: Kim Benjamin (Pine Acres) 3-and-2 over Jim Ferrick (Birch Run)
Fourth: Jim Kinsler (St. Bona) 1-up over Joe McLarney (Birch Run)

At Pennhills, August 9-13
Entries: 80
Medalist: Ryan Foote, 69
Junior Medalist: Rob Leary (Bartlett) 78

Flight Winners – Champ: Dan Reiley (Pennhills) 6-and-5 over Fred Smith (Pennhills)
Champ. Consolation: Tony Bisignan0 (Moonbrook) 1-up over Terry Reiley (Pine Acres)
First: Dan Krick (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Jeff Padlo (PAR)
Second: Tony Bisignano, Jr. (Moonbrook) 2-and-1 over Jack Sipko (Elkdale)
Third: Tim Welch (Wellsville) 3-and-2 over Eric Antonini (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 6-11
Entries: 95
Medalist: Kyle Henzel (Bartlett) 139 (2-day qualifier)
Junior Medalist: Rob Leary (Bartlett) 158

Flight Winners – Champ: Tim Klimczyk (PFW) 7-and-6 over Kyle Henzel (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Jim Brady (Bartlett) 1-up-22 over Terry Reiley (Pine Acres)
First: Roy Swan (Maplehurst) 4-and-3 over Michael Derk (Br. Water)
Second: Phil Vecchio (Bartlett) 1-up over Eric Antonini (Bartlett)
Third: Brad Crater (Elkdale) 1-up over Chris Eade (River Oaks)
Fourth: Paul Mataya (Birch Run) 3-and-2 over Scott Grandusky (Bartlett)

At Pennhills, August 6-10
Entries: 74
Medalist: Randall Holmes (Maplehurst) 73
Junior Medalist: Jared Ebling (Evergreen) 75

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Jim Brady (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Chris Cartmill (St. Bona) 6-and-4 over Bob Taylor (Pennhills)
First: Frank Higgins (Bartlett) 1-up over Brent Wallen (Elkdale)
Second: Dave Wilcox (Six-S) 5-and-3 over Matt Kahm (Elkdale)
Third: Enzo Bagazzoli (St. Bona) 5-and-4 over Pat Lewis (Emporium)

At Pennhills, August 5-9
Entries: 63
Medalist: Chris Cartmill (Robert Trent Jones) 74
Junior Medalist: Jared Ebling (Evergreen) 76

Flight Winners – Champ: Brad Tanneberger (St. Bona) 3-and-2 over Rich Bolender (St. Bona)
Champ. Consolation: Roy Dwaileebe (PFW) 4-and-3 over Brian Pavlock (Elkdale)
First: Terry Reiley (Pine Acres) 1-up-19 over William Potter (Pennhills)
Second: Sean Moran (PAR) 1-up over Ben Austin (Coudersport)

At Bartlett, August 4-8
Entries: 88
Medalist: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 66
Junior Medalist: Matt Gugino (Rochester) 76

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 5-and-3 over John Forrest (Birch Run)
Champ. Consolation: Jesse Fox (Bavarian Hills) 4-and-2 over D. Salafia (Lakeshore)
First: Rob Leary (PAR) 9-and-8 over Ed Forrest (Birch Run)
Second: Ben Austin (Coudersport) 6-and-5 over Bob Colligan, Jr. (PFW)
Third: Josh Anderson (Kane) 3-and-2 over Mark Moran (Bolivar)
Fourth: Dan Martin (Bolivar) 5-and-4 over Joe Guenther (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 2-6
Entries: 124
Medalist: Eric McHone (Bartlett) 71
Junior Medalist: Jake Woodard (Coudersport) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Scott Crist (Moonbrook) 7-and-5 over Dave Suchora (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Eric McHone (Bartlett) 1-up over Matt Pochily (St. Bona)
First: Jim Krivanek (St. Bona) 5-and-3 over Ryan Mosher (St. Bona)
Second: Andy Hannon (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Phil Vecchio (Bartlett)
Third: Brad Tanneberger (PFW) 1-up over Brian Pavlock (Elkdale)
Fourth: Dave Edel (Birch Run) 2-and-1 over David Reynolds (PAR)
Fifth: Brian Brink (Sheridan) 6-and-4 over Dan Martin (Bolivar)
Sixth: Tim Presutti (PAR) 5-and-4 over Mark Moran (Bolivar)

At Bartlett, August 1-5
Entries: 144
Medalist: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 69
Junior Medalist: Jeff Tracy (St. Bona) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Josh Anderson (Kane) 2-up over Scott Crist (Moonbrook)
Champ. Consolation: Jeff Tracy (St. Bona) 1-up-20 over Kevin Forrest (Bartlett)
First: George Thomas (St. Bona) 1-up over Matt Schall (St. Bona)
Second: Bob Colligan, Jr. (Elkdale) 3-and-2 over John Jones, Jr. (PFW)
Third: Tracy Bush (PAR) 3-and-2 over Roy Swan, Jr. (Maplehurst)
Fourth: Ryan Bartman (UD) 2-and-1 over Ryan Jennings (Bartlett)
Fifth: Dustin Mullens (Emporium) 1-up over A.J. McFadden (Bartlett)
Sixth: Rich Suchora (Birch Run) 4-and-3 over Enzo Bagazzoli (Bartlett)
Seventh: James Barber (Birch Run) 2-up over Aaron George (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 7-11
Entries: 143
Medalist: Tom Crist (Coudersport) 70
Junior Medalist: Michael Stetz (Bartlett) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: John Forrest (Birch Run) 5-and-3 over Ed Gunkle (Pennhills)
Champ. Consolation: Karl Northrup (Holiday Valley) 1-up-20 over Dave Suchora (Bartlett)
First: Butch Robak (Pine Acres) 2-and-1 over Tracy Bush (PFW)
Second: Knut Johnsen (Bartlett) 1-up-20 over Jeff Padlo (PAR)
Third: Scott Grandusky (Bartlett) 2-up over Mike Edwards (Birch Run)
Fouth: Curtis Withers (FGC) 4-and-2 over Dave Padlo (PAR)
Fifth: Johnathan Melquist (Moonbrook) 7-and-6 over Tom Kehoe (PAR)
Sixth: Mark Cotton (Birch Run) 2-and-1 over Pat Lewis (Emporium)

At Bartlett, August 6-10
Entries: 130
Medalist: John Ditcher (Cardinal Hills) 69
Junior Medalist: Mike Pochily (Ithaca) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Eric McHone (Bartlett) 10-and-8 over Chris Blocher (Birch Run)
Champ. Consolation: Mark Buscaglia (Glen Oak) 1-up over Alex Mallory (Pennhills)
First: Chris Hart (Ithaca) 7-and-6 over Jonathan Melquist (Moonbrook)
Second: Steve Ebsary (Elkdale) 3-and-2 over Rich Suchora (Birch Run)
Third: Jack Dillon (Emporium) 4-and-3 over Bob Colligan, Jr. (St. Bona)
Fourth: Mike Degregorio (Emporium) 1-up over Ron Peters (Birch Run)
Fifth: Mark Moran (Bolivar) 4-and-3 over Shawn Callahan (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 4-8
Entries: 127
Medalist: Dan Reiley (Pennhills) 71
Junior Medalist: Brennan Payne (Springville) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Brennan Payne (Springville) 1-up-37 over Karl Northrup (Holiday Valley)
Champ. Consolation: Brad Tanneberger (PFW) 2-and-1 over Dan Reiley (Pennhills)
First: Preston Mullens (Emporium) 1-up over Gene Williams (Hamburg)
Second: Jack Dillon (Emporium) 1-up over John Campbell (Allegheny Hills)
Third: Matt Kahm (Pennhills) 1-up over Josh Robinson (Bolivar)
Fourth: Mark Pisarchik (Owens Brockway) 5-and-4 over Mark Baire (Lancaster)
Fifth: Chuck Cousins, Jr. (Bartlett) 5-and-4 over Ray Padlo (Birch Run)

At Bartlett, August 3-7
Entries: 124
Medalist: Mike Pochily (Cornell GC) 68
Junior Medalist: Corky Hull (Chautauqua) 73

Flight Winners – ChampJay Lindell (Jamestown) 3-and-2 over Andy Whalen (St. Bona)
Champ. Consolation: Justin Bowser (Bartlett) default over James Reynolds (PAR)
First: Roy Dwaileebe (PFW) 3-and-2 over Andy Frank (Pine Acres)
Second: Chris Drongosky (Tan Tara GC) 2-and-1 over John Campbell (Unattached)
Third: Brian Froebel (St. Bona) 5-and-4 over Nick Withers (Breezewood Links)
Fourth: Jeremy Brown (Birch Run) 2-and-1 over Omar Malik (Bartlett)
Fifth: Jimmy Ryan (Waterway Hills) 2-and-1 over Paul Burkett (Pike Rolling Acres)

At Bartlett, August 2-6
Entries: 130
Medalist: Jon Chaddock (Triple Creek) 72
Junior Medalist: Kevin Smith (Bavarian Hills) 75

Flight Winners – Champ: Ryan Swanson (Peek & Peak) 2-and-1 over John Forrest (Birch Run)
Champ. Consolation: TJ Howe (River Valley) 2-and-1 over Terry Reiley (Pine Acres)
First: Adam Bennett (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over J.J. Shearer (Geneganslet)
First Consolation: Chris Drongosky (Arrowhead) 7-and-5 over Steve Daniels (Smethport)
Second: Dave Suchora (Unattached) 3-and-2 over Dave Rakus (Bartlett)
Third: Ed Amore (Serenity Hills) 4-and-3 over Bob Colligan, Jr. (PFW)
Fourth: Kevin Robbins (Bartlett) 2-up over Bryan Hannon (Pennhills)
Fifth: Jeff Boorer (Waterway Hills) 2-and-1 over Tony Lewis (Unattached)

At Bartlett, August 1-5
Entries: 127
Medalist: Chris Blocher (Birch Run) 67
Junior Medalist: Michael Surdey (Ely Park) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Birch Run) 2-up over John Forrest (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Scott Derwick (Bartlett) 1-up-21 over Karl Northrup (Elkdale)
First: Kyle Henzel (Bartlett) 3-and-1 over Joe Livsey (Briarwood)
First Consolation: Buster Maedl (Bartlett) 3-and-1 over Mark Hamed (Birch Run)
Second: Jay Pecora (Pennhills) 4-and-3 over Matt Domboski (Bartlett)
Third: Mike Stetz (Bartlett) 1-up over Dick Lindamer, Jr. (Unattached)
Fourth: Bill Presutti (PAR) 5-and-4 over Andy Hannon (Bartlett)
Fifth: Tracy Bush (PFW) 2-and-1 over Jeffrey Smith (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, August 6-10
Entries: 116
Medalist: Chris Blocher (Birch Run) 69
Junior Medalist: Kevin Lewis (Wildwood) 74

Flight Winners – Champ: Andy Frank (Pine Acres) 3-and-1 over Brennan Payne (Springville)
Champ. Consolation: Brian Froebel (St. Bona) 3-and-2 over Andrew Kelly (Pennhills)
First: Roy Dwaileebe (Unattached) 1-up over Dan Reiley (Pennhills)
Second: Ben Lindquist (Unattached) 3-and-2 over Aaron George (Bartlett)
Third: Bob Scanlon (St. Bona) 2-and-1 over Blake Maxson (UPB)
Fourth: Damon Yorke (PAR) 7-and-6 over Nick Padlo (PAR)

At Bartlett, August 5-9
Entries: 127
Medalist: T.J. Howe (Corey Creek) 66
Junior Medalist: John Nick Forrest (Bartlett) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: T.J. Howe (Corey Creek) 5-and-4 over Jake Katz (Westwood)
Champ. Consolation: Alex Mallory (Pennhills) 6-and-5 over Knut Johnsen (Bartlett)
First: Scott Nedreberg (Maplehurst) 1-up over Roy Dwaileebe (PFW)
Second: Brian Froebel (St. Bona) default over Patrick Reynolds (PAR)
Third: Omar Malik (Bartlett) 5-and-4 over Tom Previglian (Elkdale)
Fourth: Mark Baire (Bartlett) 2-and-1 over Chris Sanzo (Bartlett)
Fifth: Dan Brooks (Waterway Hills) 2-up over Chris Pavlock (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 4-8
Entries: 110
Medalist: Jon Chaddock (Springville) 70
Junior Medalist: Chris Mackey (Pine Acres) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 10-and-8 over Jon Chaddock (Springville)
Champ. Consolation: Chris Stoddard (Moonbrook) 1-up over Ben Lindquist (Unattached)
First: Scott Nedreberg (Maplehurst) 5-and-4 over Nick Lyons (Bartlett)
Second: Phil Vecchio (Bartlett) 1-up-19 over Jim Brady (Bartlett)
Third: Max Mark Baire (St. Bona) 1-up-19 over Bob Colligan, Jr. (St. Bona)
Fourth: Chad Siago (Unattached) 3-and-1 over George Nasuta (Unattached)

75th Anniversary
At Bartlett, August 2-7
Entries: 101
Medalist: Eric McHone (PFW) 145 (2-day qualifier)
Junior Medalist: Josh Stauffer (Pine Acres) 150

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 7-and-5 over Mike Edwards (Pine Acres)
Champ. Consolation: Chris Donahue (Bartlett) 2-up over Jim Brady (Bartlett)
First: Howie Fleischman (Reservoir Creek) 4-and-3 over Drew Chaddock (Springville)
Second: Noah Eddy (Unattached) 5-and-4 over Jeff Smith (St. Bona)
Third: Chad Siago (PFW) 1-up over Bob Lemon (PAR)

At Bartlett, August 1-5
Entries: 108
Medalist: Darren Simons (Bavarian Hills) 68
Junior Medalist: Corey Haas (Wellsville) 69

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 6-and-5 over Jon Chaddock (Springville)
Champ. Consolation: Adam Bennett (Bartlett) 1-up-22 over Karl Northrup (Elkdale)
First: Scott Brady (Bartlett) 1-up over John Forrest (Bartlett)
Second: Daniel Schott (Coudersport) 1-up over Dirk Roth, Jr. (Cazenovia)
Third: Nate Simms (PAR) 3-and-2 over Dan Brinksy (Pennhills)
Fourth: David Reynolds (PAR) 3-and-1 over Bob Colligan, Jr. (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, July 31-August 4
Entries: 84
Medalist: Scott Brady (Bartlett) 66
Junior Medalist: Zach Chaddock (Springville) 75

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Kyle Henzel (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Zach Chaddock (Springville) 4-and-3 over James Reynolds (PAR)
First: Wilson Lockwood (Moonbrook) 6-and-4 over Phil Vecchio (Bartlett)
Second: Dave Suchora (PFW) 1-up-19 over Brandon Haas (Allegheny Hills)
Third: Nate Simms (PFW) 6-and-4 over Bob Scanlon (St. Bona)

At Bartlett, August 6-10
Entries: 95
Medalist: Josh Stauffer (Pine Acres) 68
Junior Medalist: Caleb Edwards (Bartlett) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Josh Stauffer (Pine Acres) 3-and-2 over Corey Haas (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Jake Yartz (Maplehurst) 4-and-3 over Patrick Reynolds (PAR)
First: Phil Vecchio (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over James Reynolds (PAR)
Second: John Rogers (Locust Hill) 3-and-1 over Jaques Lagrua (Coudersport)
Third: Alex Nenno (Birch Run) 1-up-19 over R.J. Pauly (Bartlett)

At Bartlett, August 5-9
Entries: 93
Medalist: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 70
Junior Medalist: Matt Abendroth (Inverness) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blyth (Monroe) 6-and-5 over Josh Stauffer (Pine Acres)
Champ. Consolation: Pat Milkovich (Enjoie) 8-and-7 over Marcus Aiello (Bartlett)
First: Adam Bennett (Bartlett) 2-up over Will Simons (Bartlett)
Second: Mike Reynolds (Pennhills) 1-up over Paul Bzdak (Bartlett)
Third: Bob Lemon (PAR)  1-up over Mark Baire (PFW)

At Bartlett, August 3-7
Entries: 94
Medalist: Corey Long (Hickory Heights) 70
Junior Medalist: Zach Chaddock (Springville) 72

Flight Winners – Champ: Zach Chaddock (Springville) 5-and-3 over Chris Blocher (Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Corey Long (Hickory Heights) 1-up over Roy Dwaileebe (PFW)
First: Brandon Haas (Bartlett) 5-and-4 over James Reynolds (PAR)
Second: Noah Carlson (Bartlett) 1-up over Mike Brady (Coudersport)
Third: Chris Pavlock (Bartlett) 3-and-2 over Corey Hall (Bartlett)

                                                           At Bartlett, August 2-6
Entries: 91
Medalist: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 66
Junior Medalist: Daniel Gianinny (CC of Rochester) 70

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 1up 36 Holes over Nolan Ditcher (Cardinal Hills G.C.)
Champ. Consolation: Dan Schott (Coudersport) 1-up 20 Holes over Mike Edwards (Bartlett)
First: Brian Froebel  (Birch Run) 3 and 2 over Jamie Glatz (Chatauqua G.C.)
Second: Ethan Beaver (Cardinal Hills) 1-up 19 Holes over Doug Atteberry (Pennhills)
Third: Cameron Eddy (Springville) 4-and-2 over Tom Cummins (Bartlett)
Fourth: Mark Baire (Unattached) 3 and 2 over David Reynolds (PAR)
Over 60 Consolation: Dan Reiley (Pennhills) 2 an 1 over Jim Brady (Bartlett)


                                                            At Bartlett, August 1-5
Entries: 100
Medalist: Nolan Ditcher (Cardinal Hills) 68
Junior Medalist: Connor Alfieri (Smethport) 74

Flight Winners – Champ: Zach Chaddock (Springville) 1up 36 Holes over Marcus Aiello (Indian Hills G.C.)
Champ. Consolation: Jon Chaddock (Springville) 1-up 18 Holes over Adam Bennett (Bartlett)
First: Cameron Eddy (PennHills) 1up 19 Holes Mike Brady (Coudersport G.C.)
Second: Mark Baire (Bartlett) 3 and 2 over Howard Stark Jr. (PAR)
Third: Scott Derwick (Bartlett) 5-and-4 over Doug Vergith (Chautauqua)
Fourth: Kallen Barber (PAR) 1up 19 Holes over Matt Phillips (PAR)
Fifth: Vincent Baire Sr. (Bartlett) 1 up over Paul Foley (PAR)
Over 60 Consolation: RJ Pauly (Bartlett) 1up 19 Holes over Tom Cummins (Bartlett)


                                                            At Bartlett, August 7-11
Entries: 96
Medalist: Mitch Faulkner (PennHills) 69
Junior Medalist: Sam Hyman (Holland Hills) 77

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 6 and 5  36 Holes over Mitch Faulkner (PennHills)
Champ. Consolation: Roy Dwailebee (PFW) 1-up 18 Holes over Kole Maytum (Chautaqua)
First: Connor Alfieri (Smethport) 2 and 1 Knut Johnsen (Bartlett)
Second: Sean Campbell (Bartlett) 1 up 18 Holes over Paul Bzdak (Bartlett)
Third: Kevin Mole (Bolivar) 3 and 2 over Tracy Bush (PFW)
Fourth: George Moses Jr. (Unattached) 1up 18 Holes over Ed Drake (Birch Run)
Over 45 to 59 Consolation: John Foley (PAR) 2 and 1 over Frank Higgins (Bartlett)
Over 60 Consolation: RJ Pauly (Bartlett) 3 and 2 over Honsey Russell (Birch Run)



                                                            At Bartlett, August 5-9
Entries: 118
Medalist: Marcus Aiello (Bartlett) 68
Junior Medalist: Michael Davis (Bartlett) 71

Flight Winners – Champ: Jack Geise (The Crosby) 10 and 9  36 Holes over Daniel Gianinny(CC of Rochester)
Champ. Consolation: Marcus Aiello (Bartlett) 1-up 23 Holes over Doug Atteberry (Pennhills)
First: Dan Reiley (Pennhills) 5 and 4 Andy Hannon (Birch Run)
Second: Phil Vecchio (Bartlett) 2 and 1  over Joe Palumbo (Bartlett)
Third: Sean Campbell (Bartlett) 5 and 4 over Bryce Burton (Holland Hills)
Fourth: John Foley (PFW) 4 and 2 over Paul Bzdak (Bartlett)
Fifth: Steve Hnat (Bolivar) 4 and 3 over Tracy Bush (PFW)
Sixth: Kaylin Kline (Rolling Acres) 5 and 4 over Paul Foley(Unattached)
Over 45 to 59 Consolation: Scott Derwick (Bartlett) 8 and 7 over Mark Hendrix (Birch Run)
Over 60 Consolation: James Reynolds (PAR) 4 and 3 over Steve Kubiak (Pennhills)


                                                            At Bartlett, August 4-8
Entries: 112
Medalist: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 66
Junior Medalist: Michael Davis (Bartlett) 73

Flight Winners – Champ: Chris Blocher (Bartlett) 5 and 4  36 Holes over John Nick Forrest(Bartlett)
Champ. Consolation: Evan Rowane (Kah Kwa CC) 3 and 2 over Spencer Cornelius (Pennhills)
First: Connor Alfieri (Smethport) 2 up 18 holes over Matthew Myers (Pennhills)
Second: Curtis Barner (Kane)  3 and 2 over Nolan Swanson (Pinehurst GC)
Third: Ryan Lechner (Bartlett) 1 up 18 holes over Kamdyn McClain (Bartlett)
Fourth: Tim Stead Jr. (Bonas)  1 up 18 holes over RJ Pauly (Bartlett)
Fifth: Mark Cotton (Pine Acres)  1 up 18 holes over Jack Morton (Bartlett)
Over 45 to 59 Consolation: Andy Hannon (Birch Run)  6 and 5 over Frank Higgins (Bartlett)
Over 60 Consolation: Chris Drongosky (Harvest Hill)  4 and 3 over Steve Kubiak (Pennhills)




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